How to loosen PVC ball valve


PVC ball valves are considered to be pvc fitting one of […]

PVC ball valves are considered to be pvc fitting one of the most reliable and commonly used valves for main water globe valves and branch globe valves. This type of valve is an open or closed valve, which means it should be fully open to allow full flow, or completely closed to stop all water flow.



The reason why it is called a ball valve is because there is a ball inside, and there is a hole in the middle of the ball, which is connected to the handle of opening and closing. Sometimes, you may find it necessary to loosen the PVC ball valve because it is stuck or becomes tight because it is new. In order to help you when this happens, we can take some quick steps to loosen the PVC ball valve. First, you need to turn off the water supply to the main shut-off valve.


Then, try the ball valve manually. Try to open and close it by turning the handle a few times to release it. If you cannot loosen it in this way, please proceed to the step. In this step, you need to lubricate the spray, pipe wrench and hammer. Spray lubricant on the valve, let the valve handle enter the actual valve body, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then, try to manually release the valve again. If it does not move or is still difficult to turn, tap it gently with a hammer.


Then, place the pipe wrench around the handle of the valve to turn it you may want to put a cloth or a rag between the wrench and the handle to avoid damaging the valve. Try using a wrench to turn the handle. If it moves, keep it closed, Then open for a few more minutes to let it loose and go to the step. Since the valve is moving, reopen the water at the main stop valve and continue to turn the PVC ball valve until the looseness reaches the desired level. If you have tried before Three steps, but the valve still can't move, you need to replace the ball valve to make the system run normally.

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