How to correctly select pvc pipe sizing sleeve


PVC pipe, which, by virtue of its own various advantage […]

PVC pipe, which, by virtue of its own various advantages, such as its high corrosion resistance, light weight, but also very safe and convenient, it has been received by fellow engineering colleagues alike and favor . At the same time, with the rapid economic development in our country and the promotion of a series of policies, the PVC pipeline in our country has developed very rapidly.
So how to produce such a safe and convenient pipe it? This involves a pvc pipeline industry chain problem. This industry chain includes spray cooling water tank, parallel twin-screw extruder, pipe mold, conical twin-screw extruder, PVC pipe sizing tank, traction machine, turning table and cutting machine etc. .
Among them, you want to quickly produce pvc pipe sizing kits, need to be based on different plastic to determine the shape. According to its characteristics can be divided into disc type, spiral groove type and water curtain direct cooling, etc., we can use in accordance with the size of the diameter of the product structure of different materials produced by the shape and speed of production to achieve the best Product appearance and production efficiency. PVC pipe sizing sleeve inside a disc-type sizing sleeve, sizing sleeve is mainly used for raw materials thick and high-speed traction situation, the use of this can reduce sizing sleeve and PVC pipe direct contact area, through The method also reduces drag and friction more effectively while preventing the material from sticking in the first place.

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