What is the difference between single and double ferrule joints


Single ferrules are easy to install as not installing a […]

Single ferrules are easy to install as not installing a ferrule would be hard to miss. Hence, there is pvc socket a lesser chance of assembly errors compared to double ferrule fittings.Different industrial plants use stainless steel compression tube fittings for a range of applications. The Out of the two types, single ferrule tubings have comparatively less pressure rating.Mostly manufactured from 316 stainless steel or brass, single ferrule tube fittings are available in sizes ranging between 1/16 to 2 inches.



These fittings are designed in a manner that makes it almost impossible to install them incorrectly. These have fewer pieces than most other types of fittings.The design is more suitable for applications performed in high pulsation and vibration conditions.In contrast, double ferrule or two-ferrule fittings are available in various materials, but the size ranges are same as that of single ferrule ones. These fittings prominently enable consistent leak-tight connections, due to strong mechanical grip.


These can be used for both thick- and thin-walled tubings and for hard and soft tubings.The basic design consists of four main pieces: nut, front ferrule, back ferrule and the body. Upon installation, the addition of tubing makes it a five-component connection. This ensures a leak-free joint reason behind their wide usage is the high working pressure rating which is typically above 6000 psi. This introduces a high safety factor for the operation.The pressure rating depends on wall thickness and construction, both of which are related to the size of tubing.


A variety of different tube fitting sizes are used, depending on the application requirement. Hence, the pressure rating of a tube in a particular operation varies based on these factors.Similarly, the type of tubing is significant too. There are mainly two different types—single ferrule and double ferrule tubings. Let’s learn a bit more about them.These are thus resistant to abnormal temperature, pressure and vibration variations. This makes them an excellent choice for mechanical equipment in industrial plants.There is no doubt that high pressure rating and leak-free connections of double ferrule fittings make them a choice option.

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