How to comprehensively inspect PE gas pipes


The inspector must carry cpvc pipe out a rewind inspect […]

The inspector must carry cpvc pipe out a rewind inspection of the PE gas pipe delivered by the operator. The inspection items include appearance, irregular shape, fullness of the labyrinth, number of joints, joint bundling conditions, number of meters, etc. The quality inspector must record the various data of the random inspection product, including the long-distance drip test, and the recorded data must be true and must not be altered. During the pressure test, the pressure of the PE gas pipe should be adjusted to see if the dripping water is uniform. The pressure can be tested after the dripping is normal. Keep the pressure in still water for 1 hour. As the application level of PE gas pipes becomes wider and wider, users have higher and higher requirements for their quality. PE water supply pipes need to be socketed in daily use, so what is the socket connection sequence and operation method of this material?


Welding 3/4“×1/2” cpvc pipe fittings


In order to facilitate your operation and use, the following article will explain this aspect in detail. The socket connection steps of this kind of PE water supply pipe are: Pipe cutting: The connecting end of the pipe is required to be cut vertically to ensure that there is enough hot melt area.The performance characteristics of the silicon core tube: the silicon core layer on the inner wall is a solid, solid agent; the silicon core layer on the inner wall is simultaneously extruded into the high-density poly pipe wall, and the entire inner wall of the pipe is evenly distributed without peeling or separating , The same life as the silicon tube; the characteristics of the inner silicon core layer remain unchanged, and the cable can be drawn repeatedly in the pipeline; the inner silicon core layer does not react with water, and water can be used to flush the pipeline after an accident.


The above are the points that need to be paid attention to during the construction of the plum blossom pipe. The construction is strictly in accordance with the construction to ensure safety and complete the project schedule. The silicon core tubes and general materials used in the project must have product qualification certificates and product records submitted by the manufacturer. Silicon core tube inspection content includes quantity, appearance, size specifications, physical and chemical properties; silicon core tube connector and other accessories inspection content includes quantity, appearance, size, air tightness, durability, physical and mechanical properties; steel pipe iron fittings and other materials inspection content There are appearance, size, rust prevention. The type and characteristics of plum blossom tube.


The use of plum blossom tube has been seen everywhere in daily life, and many people also have a certain understanding of the shape and characteristics of plum blossom tube. Plum blossom tubes can be divided into nine holes, seven holes and five holes according to the number of holes, and five-hole plum blossom tubes are divided into three specifications, large, medium and small according to the specific type. Plum blossom tube has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-aging, long service life, and good weather resistance. At the same time, because it is a one-time integrated porous sheath, it increases the number of embedded holes and speeds up the construction Reduce the material and construction costs of engineering units. PE power pipe threading pipe is mainly used for sensing lines of fine optical rulers and industrial sensor lines, a white hard PVC hose. It has outstanding performance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and tensile resistance. When the carbon steel threading pipe is connected to the straight pipe, the joint is protected with a sleeve, and then the pipe and the threading pipe are connected by welding. The intention is to prevent the joint from being damaged by electric welding and reach the inside. Intent of wire and cable.

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