What is PVC four-hole grid pipe


High-quality pvc fitting aging-resistant modified PVC e […]

High-quality pvc fitting aging-resistant modified PVC engineering plastics are used for one-time extrusion, high compressive strength, and reasonable honeycomb shape. The structure makes the pressure resistance of the pipe 10-100 times higher than that of the ordinary plastic pipe, under normal conditions. Complete specifications The product portfolio is diverse, the appearance is beautiful, the main specifications are single hole in the middle and small, 5 holes with the same diameter. Size 6 holes, 7 holes, 8 holes, 9 holes, etc. are matched with optical (electric) cables of different diameters, and can be freely transitioned and combined with the original cement pipes, corrugated pipes, etc., and has corresponding joints, blockages, and ties , Glue and other accessories, convenient for construction operation. The structural innovation saves pipe positions, the pipe structure is tight, and the pavement excavation is smaller, which is only 10% of the cement pipe positions. It effectively saves the urban underground pipe positions and has little impact on road traffic and municipal administration. Good toughness, bend freely for a section of 6 meters pipe, with a bending radius of up to 4 meters, it can be easily opened when encountering objects or crossing other pipelines during construction.




Convenient construction, labor-saving and time-saving. The sheath and the sub-pipe are integrated, and the cable can be threaded without the need to pass through the sub-pipe three times and lay the cable at one time. This avoids the deformation and kinking of the second-pass sub-pipe, the confusion of sorting, and the trouble of repeated construction. Smooth, small threading force, strong pressure resistance, strong pressure resistance, the burial depth only requires meters, no foundation and cement encapsulation are required, first backfilling fine sand and stone 20 cm and then backfilling soil can be used for traffic, crossing the road does not require foundation and Cement encapsulation. The use of PE requires a maintenance period for cement pouring. The fiber optic cable can only be worn through the sub-pipe once, and it is perishable. The use of grid honeycomb construction shortens the construction period by nearly 1/2 compared with the use of PE pipes and nearly 3/5 than the use of cement and steel pipes. High utilization rate and low overall cost. It integrates the sheath and the sub-pipe.


The effective space of the inner hole can be connected after being cut off, which saves material consumption and low engineering investment. Compared with the use of PE pipes, it can save 20% of the cost, and can replace steel pipes, saving about 50% of the investment. Production of various types of plastic cable protection pipes, water supply (drainage) pipes; general electrical (optical) cable protection pipes, power cable protection pipes, FRP cable protection pipes, PVC power pipes, cpvc power pipes, upvc power pipes, HDPE double-arm corrugated pipes , MPP trenchless cable protection pipe, PE power pipe, municipal pipeline, etc. When many users choose PE water supply pipes, because they don't know enough about it, they are easy to choose the wrong one. They don't know whether to use ppr pipes or poly pipes for water supply projects in construction. What is the difference between the two.


PPR pipe is an ideal pipe for drinking water pipes, but it is not as good as indoors in the outdoor environment. PE water supply pipes are used, which is also the ideal material for the main water pipe. The main chemical molecular component of PE water supply pipe is high-density polymer. Anyone who understands organic chemistry knows that the product is composed of two carbon atoms and five hydrogen atoms, and one of the hydrogen atoms is combined with the carbon atom by a double bond. The single molecule is polymerized in a certain way, such a product is a high-density polymer product. The main component of the PPR pipe is polypropylene, that is, three carbon atoms and seven hydrogen atoms are combined, and there is also a hydrogen atom and a carbon atom in a double The product formed by bonding and polymerization is polypropylene product. Both products have their own advantages, and the scope of application is quite wide. Of course, we still need to choose according to our own needs. We have a set of standards to test whether the PE gas pipe meets the requirements. Let's take a look at the following for details. 1. The inspector must inspect each roll of PE gas pipe delivered by the operator. The inspection items include dripping conditions, pressure, wall thickness, unit weight, width and narrowness. The length drawn during the test shall not be less than 5 meters, and the number of samples for each roll shall not be Less than once.

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