How to process large diameter pph tube


PH pipes tee joint pipe tube pipe fittings and pipe fit […]

PH pipes tee joint pipe tube pipe fittings and pipe fittings are produced with imported raw materials and comply with DIN8077/8078 standards. The products are mainly suitable for sheet pickling and waste acid recycling systems in steel mills, and can also be used in chemical, environmental protection, power plants, food processing and other fields. PPH pipe is an extension product of FRPP pipe, mainly because its molecules are all made of β-crystal, so high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are stronger than FRPP, but the price is much more expensive than FRPP, mainly used for pickling in steel plants . 80% of FRPP and PPH performance are basically the same.


UPVC SCH80 90 degree pipe fitting elbow


PPH pipe PP-R is divided into cold and hot water pipes, mainly used in civil water supply. However, its corrosion resistance and high temperature performance are basically equivalent to FRPP pipes. Sometimes PP-R pipes are also selected to replace PPH pipes, but the probability is not very high. After all, PPH pipes are specially used in industry, and PP-R is used for civilian use. PPH tube (homopolypropylene tube), whose raw material has been modified by, has a uniform and fine Beta crystal structure, has extremely high chemical stability and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in steel plants (pickling, acid regeneration, Acid mist), flue gas desulfurization, process cooling water, and corrosion-resistant media in the chemical industry.


PVC water supply pipes are used to supply water for domestic drinking. The requirements for drainage pipes are higher. In addition to meeting the requirements in terms of physical properties, For example, the material generally requires new PVC material, and at the same time requires environmental protection, that is, it will not release harmful substances to the water stored in the pipe, which is very important. PVC water supply pipes are also partially used for farmland irrigation.


The biggest difference from drainage pipes is that they need to be able to withstand pressure. If it is a water supply project, it also needs to have sanitary indicators, non-toxic and pollution-free and other testing indicators. At present, the market share of PVC water supply pipes is shrinking and is replaced by PE pipes with superior quality and performance. PVC pipes mainly include PVC drainage pipes, PVC water supply pipes, PVC electrical casings, etc., of course, there are also new materials such as PVC-M pipes, PVC-O pipes, etc. Our daily use is basically PVC drainage pipes and PVC water supply pipes.

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