What are the characteristics of flanged PVC ball valves


The Upvc injection round tee pipe fitting research and […]

The Upvc injection round tee pipe fitting research and application of PE pipes in my country started relatively late, and they only began to be promoted and applied around 1990. As the polyethylene material technology and technological level have achieved certain development and progress in recent years, they have begun to increase Pay attention to pipe production process standards, and gradually establish and improve production standards and specifications, so PE pipes have been widely used in many industries. The current annual production and application of PE pipes is about 300,000 tons, and this data is showing Explosive growth. Whether the PE pipe can operate safely and stably has become the focus of attention in recent years. On the one hand, it is the material reason, on the other hand, the PE pipe welding quality problem. Let's discuss the PE pipe welding quality control measures based on engineering examples. Adopt one-city-one-order work environment: cold or strong wind may have a fatal effect on the quality of welding.




It cools the heating plate and causes uneven temperature distribution. The tent should be set up to keep warm and extend the heating time. When the ambient temperature is lower than , protection facilities or adjustment of the welding process should be adopted. Pipe centering: The wrong edge of the pipe end can also cause the life of the joint to be greatly reduced and the strength of the joint to be weakened. It may be caused by poor alignment of the clamps holding the pipe or excessive elliptical deformation of the pipe. The wrong side should be as small as possible. If the wrong side is large, it will cause stress concentration. The wrong side should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness. Pilot 6 plots involve 1030 households with melt flow rate  the dissolution of different pipe materials should consider the difference in MFR.


There is a standard specification that pipes with  within  can be welded to each other. But to get good connection performance, the difference between MFR should be as small as possible. Generally, there will be no more water leakage, and the reliability is extremely high. But this is not to say that PPR water pipes are flawless water pipes, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance are slightly worse, and the long-term working temperature cannot exceed 70℃; each section has a limited length and cannot be bent. If the pipeline is laid for a long distance or at a corner Many, a large number of joints will be used in construction; pipes are cheap but the price of accessories is relatively high. It is pointed out that in terms of comprehensive performance, PPR pipe is a cost-effective pipe material, so it has become a material for renovation of home improvement water pipes.


Generally, in hydropower renovation, the original water pipes are replaced. Home improvement companies and businesses recommend that all decorators use hot water pipes when installing PPR pipes, and hot water pipes are used even where cold water flows. Their argument is that because the technical parameters of hot water pipes are higher than cold water pipes, and the price is not much different, hot water pipes are used for waterway transformation. In addition, a book’s signature wall pipe diameter was specially set up at the entrance of the conference. The pipe diameter according to the outer diameter of the PPR pipe can range from 20mm to 160mm. There are differences 25mm PPR is in charge of 6 pipes, which are different from galvanized pipes of which 20mm is used more.

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