CPVC power tube what are the requirements


Because CPVC power tube has high melt viscosity, and th […]

Because CPVC power tube has high melt viscosity, and the processing temperature is high, so in the process of processing is easy because of thermal decomposition caused by processing and forming difficulties, but also cause equipment corrosion, so you need to formula certain requirements .
① The amount of heat stabilizer in the formula should be significantly higher than that of PVC, and the demand of heat stabilizer is increased because of the processing temperature of CPVC power tube.
② In the CPVC power tube extrusion and injection molding process, you need to add additives to further plasticize, thereby increasing the low-temperature CPVC power tube impact resistance and product resistance. In the case of the CPVC power tube, even in the case of viscous flow, the movable unit is still the primary ion, the mutual effect between the fine particles of the resin is deteriorated, and the heat transfer effect is also deteriorated, so that the melt cracking phenomenon easily occurs, Plasticization of poor quality.
③ As the CPVC power tube melt viscosity is high, so there is a certain demand for lubricants, usually used in the smooth wax, stearic acid and metal soap is not suitable for use in CPVC power tube extrusion Processing, because there is a CPVC power pipe tends to adhere to the metal surface of the thermal processing equipment, in order to eliminate this adhesion, you must add external smoothing agent, and external smoothing agent and the CPVC power tube should be out of phase Soluble.

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