System pressure test procedure for PVC pipe fittings


The pressure test pressure of PVC pipe fittings should […]

The pressure test pressure of PVC pipe fittings should be 1.5 times of the working pressure of the piping system, but it shall not be less than 0.60MPa. And before the water pressure test, safety and effective fixing and protection measures should be taken for the pressure test pipes.
PVC pipe fittings for hydrostatic test steps in turn are: the end of the pressure test pipe plugging, slow water injection, while the gas pipeline excluded; water wicked after inspection is necessary; the system should be slow slow increase pressure, pay attention to Step-up time shall not be less than 10 minutes; After the pressure to the specified test pressure, stop the pressure, the regulator for 1 hour, and observe the joint part of the water leakage phenomenon; and then pressure to the required test pressure to eliminate pipe Water pressure, the pipe volume expansion of the pressure test results interference.
Also note that pipes and fittings should be kept out of contact with thinner, solvent based adhesives, organic solvents, lubricants, bleaches, oxides, pipe sealants, or hydrocarbon cleaners.

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