What are the characteristics of plum blossom pipe


The type and pvc thread characteristics of plum blossom […]

The type and pvc thread characteristics of plum blossom tube The use of plum blossom tube has been seen everywhere in daily life, and many people also have a certain understanding of the shape and characteristics of plum blossom tube. Plum blossom tubes can be divided into nine holes, seven holes and five holes according to the number of holes, and five-hole plum blossom tubes are divided into three specifications, large, medium and small according to the specific type. Plum blossom pipe has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-aging, long service life, and good weather resistance. At the same time, because it is a one-time molded integrated porous sheath, the number of embedded holes is increased and the construction speed is greatly increased. Reduce the material and construction costs of engineering units. PE power pipe threading pipe is mainly used for sensing lines of fine optical scales, industrial sensor lines, a white hard PVC hose. It has outstanding performance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and tensile resistance. When the carbon steel threading pipe is connected to the straight pipe, the joint is protected with a sleeve, and then the pipe and the threading pipe are connected by welding.




The intention is to prevent the joint from being damaged by electric welding and reach the inside Wire and cable intent.The mechanical function of the threading tube. The anti-corrosion function of the threading tube is high, the working pressure exceeds the threading tube, the surface is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, it is not scaled, and it is not suitable for breeding organisms. The thermal coefficient is small, and the deformation is not shortened. Conservative device connection. The epoxy plastic coating of the power pipe threading pipe is more effective to deal with the corrosion of water, buried and acid, alkali, and salt to metal pipes, and the service life can reach more than 50 years. Wires are buried in walls and must be threaded, usually PVC threading tube/PE threading tube: affordable, flexible, and good insulation. Usually the family chooses PVC threading pipe/PE threading pipe is very good. Just choose the strong one, which is to step on it with your feet. The one that will not be stepped on is good. The final reminder: threading pipe, threading pipe, PE double No matter what kind of threading pipe is used for wall corrugated pipe, the wires must not have joints in the pipe.


The installation position of the steel mesh skeleton composite pipe overhead pipeline fire-fighting water supply pipe requires that we should add anti-corrosion materials to the construction of waterproof protective sleeves and anti-freezing measures that do not affect the passage and the opening of doors and windows. Where the horizontal pipe is connected with pipe fittings such as elbow, tee, cross, reducer, etc., fixed brackets that can prevent horizontal displacement of the pipe should be installed at both ends of the pipe according to the axial thrust generated by the internal pressure of the pipe design. When the length of the horizontal pipe is greater than m, a bracket that can prevent the horizontal displacement of the pipe shall be installed every m; the horizontal pipe bracket shall not be installed on the joints and fittings of the pipe. The clearance between the bracket and the pipe joints and the outside of the pipe fittings shall not be less than the minimum distance required by the mounting bracket. When using a metal bracket, a rubber elastic protective filling layer should be set between the contact surface with the pipeline. When there are local or small cracks or holes in the outer wall of the PE pipe, the water in the pipe can be drained first, and the damaged part can be cleaned with cotton yarn, and then the base surface is brushed with cyclohexanone, and then the plastic with good water resistance can be painted.


Adhesive and remove the plates of similar shape and size from the corresponding parts of the unused pipes, bond them, wrap them with geotextiles, and fix the soil after a few hours of curing. Some unexpected quality problems often occur in the production process of PE pipes, which are generally caused by problems with equipment or raw materials. Below, the editor of Dalian Jinshun Yihong Pipe Industry PE pipe manufacturer will introduce the common PE pipe quality problems and the causes and solutions based on the experience of PE pipes over the years. PE pipe manufacturers must establish strict evaluation procedures for raw material suppliers, select appropriate raw materials, and perform appropriate treatments according to the testing conditions of raw materials. The production of high-quality polyethylene pressure pipes has a strong dependence on the comprehensive output capacity of the equipment. Pipe manufacturers must fully investigate and demonstrate when selecting equipment to choose equipment with higher cost performance. The pipe manufacturer should establish strict operating procedures and technological procedures and strengthen the process and control, in order to achieve the goal of not only controlling the quality of pipes but also reasonably reducing production costs. The process setting of pressure pipes and the resolution of quality problems in the production process require a lot of production experience, which requires manufacturers to accumulate a large amount of raw data, analyze and summarize, and guide production to achieve a steady improvement in product quality.

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